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Advanced Topics in Global Information Management

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Advanced Topics in Global Information Management Overview

Advanced Topics in Global Information Management includes original material concerned with all aspects of global information management in three broad areas: Global Information Systems in Business Functions, Information Technology in Specific Regions of the World, Management of Global Information Resources and Applications. Both researchers and practitioners disseminate the evolving knowledge in these broad categories and the book examines a variety of aspects of global information management dealing with development, usage, failure, success, policies, strategies and applications of this valuable organizational resource. *Note: This book is part of a new series entitled "Advanced Topics in Global Information Management". This book is Volume One within this series (Vol. I, 2002).

Advanced Topics in Global Information Management Table Of Content

Ch. I Structural Influences on Global E-Commerce Activity 1
Ch. II Beyond Models of National Culture in Information Systems Research 14
Ch. III Inquiry into Definitions of Culture in IT Studies 30
Ch. IV Methodological Issues in MIS Cross-Cultural Research 49
Ch. V The Role of Virtual Multicultural Teams in Corporate Culture 62
Ch. VI Lines of Advance in Global Information Technology Management: American/West European Approach 87
Ch. VII Alternative Delivery Mechanisms in Distance Education 112
Ch. VIII New Challenges in Privacy Protection 125
Ch. IX Transfer of Information Technology to the Arab World: A Test of Cultural Influence Modeling 141
Ch. X The IS/IT Outsourcing Phenomenon in the Public Sector of a Developing Country: An Exploration of Critical Issues 173
Ch. XI Intangible Determinants in the Introduction and Development of Information Technology: Mediterranean Evidence 207
Ch. XII An Overview of the Diffusion of Advanced Techniques 225
Ch. XIII Critical Strategies for Information Systems Development Projects: Perceptions of Developers from the United States and Japan 251
Ch. XIV The State of Teledensity Diffusion in Least Developed Countries: A Review of the Literature 268
Ch. XV Information and Communication Technology in Singapore: Lessons for Developing Nations on the Role of Government 293
About the Authors 312
Index 318

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